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A Short Story

Denmark gets nominated by Prussia to do the ice bucket challenge. He does it cause why not and then nominates Russia, Sweden and Finland. The two first do it after hesitating a lot and are dead mad at Denmark afterwards, but not Finland. Finland strips down to his underwear, dives head first into the freezing water of the Baltic sea and just goes like


alicereblogsthings asked:

I don't now which pairings you might have already done in the past, so I'll list two just in case :) Nedden and hm... Denfin, I guess

I feel like this is gonna be a really long post…


Who shops for groceries:

* Hmmm…Neddy wants to buy them but everytime he’s about to leave Matthias follows him and they always end up shopping for food together

Who kills the spiders:

* They have spider killing contests! Ned crushes them with a tissue and throws them in the toilet while Matthias smacks ‘em with everything he can reach while roaring a battle cry

Who comes home drunk at 3am:

* Matthias likes to drink a lot and most of the time he’s the one stumbling in the house in the middle of the night yelling and crawling up the stairs, but when they have a fight, Ned leaves and goes to bars and ends up drinking in the streets while Matthias stays home and gets hammered too untill he throws up in the shower ^^

Who makes breakfast:

* For the simple everyday breakfast: Matthias

* For special events and the casual weekend morning brunch: Ned

Who remembers to feed the fish:

* Matthias just doesn’t even know they own a fish, so Ned feeds him ^^

Who decorates the apartment:

* Despite not having the same tastes, they both like the same kind of decorations : colors (but not too much) and 19th century-type lamps and furniture

Who initiates duets:

* Depending of the situation it could be either Ned or Matthias. If a song comes up on the radio, Matthias is the first to sing and Ned may or may not join, singing quietly. When Ned cleans around the house he sings a bit and if Matthias hears him he’ll jump by his side and initiate a duet with some dance :p

Who falls asleep first:

* Matthias takes a lot of time to fall asleep when he’s not wasted, cause he texts everyone, goes to pee at least once an hour, has midnight snacks, suddenly wants to initiate sex while Ned falls asleep quickly and only wakes up to answer texts


Who shops for groceries:

* Matthias cries when he doesn’t get to buy the groceries cause Tino buys a lot of weird Finnish food and alcohol brands Matthias is not very fond of

Who kills the spiders:

* Tino totally does it hardcore style and punches the spiders while Matthias still smacks them on the wall

Who comes home drunk at 3 am:

* They both do this, and the neighbours have to tell them to shut the fuck up cause they’re screaming and falling and swearing

Who makes breakfast:

* They fight over who will make breakfast, and Tino always wins cause he kicks Matthias in the leg and Matthias can’t kick him back cause his boyfriend is just too cute to get hit

Who remembers to feed the fish:

* Tino does remember, since he’s a nature guy and loves to take care of animals. He gives the fish food right before going to eat so they can all have lunchtime together

Who decorates the apartment:

* They both do it, and they add their own style to everything, with Matthias and his old-fashioned decorations and Tino’s deathcore metal-inspired merchandise

Who initiates duets:

* Matthias wants to, but they don’t like the same kind of music so it’s difficult to find the right time to initiate duets. The perfect time is when they’re in the car or at the store and a song comes on; they look at eachother, smile and fucking start to sing like no one’s looking!!!

Who falls asleep first:

* As previously said, Matthias takes forever to fall asleep for the same reasons as in the NedDen ship plus because Tino moves a lot in his sleep and leaves his earphones on while listening to loud music xD

animekatieyaoilover21 asked:

GiriPan? (For the ask a ship thing)

( tho i previously said i didn’t like neither of those guys, i’ll try to do this)


who shops for groceries:

* They probably take turns to go buy food, tho most of the time it’s Japan, cause he knows that they both like seafood and anyway Greece isn’t the type of guy to complain forever if you don’t buy exactly what you asked him to buy

Who kills the spiders:

* Japan kills the spiders, because I think that Greece wouldn’t care about seeing a spider crawling on a wall and when Japan isn’t around to get rid of them, Greece let them live and crawl around some more

Who comes home drunk at 3am:

* Probably Greece, but not all the time, cause he knows that Japan really doesn’t like it when he stumbles in and falls asleep on the carpet with a bottle in his hand

Who makes breakfast:

* Even if Japan is kinda more like the ‘maid’ boyfriend, they both prepare the food, not only to please the other, but also because it allows them to share the taste of their respective countries’ food

Who remembers to feed the fish:

* I don’t think they would own fishes because of Greece’s love of cats, but if they had one, Japan would be the one remembering the fish’s lunchtime

Who decorates the apartment:

* In my opinion it would be Greece, cause Japan is more like the kind of guy wanting to live in a clean and simple environment without a lot of furniture and lamps and stuff

Who initiates duets:

* I like to think that everytime Japan is quietly humming a song, Greece comes by his side and starts singing the lyrics. It would be nice if they had a karaoke game on the wii and have singing battles

Who falls asleep first:

* Hmm, that would be Greece, because even if they go to bed at the same time, Greece falls asleep way quicker than Japan does, and when one of them has insomnia, they wake up the other so they aren’t alone in the dark while waiting for sleep to come 


Anonymous asked:

I feel like asking a Send me a ship thing :P What are you opinions of Dennor and Sufin?

Oh Jesus, y’all gonna hate me 


* Discovered the ship 3 months after I first watched Hetalia

* Drew some art of them

* After a while I stopped caring about that ship

* Recently I started caring about it again, but I now prefer it when Norway is the dominant force in their couple

* I think I like it again


* Probably the second Hetalia ship I liked

* Stopped liking it after about 6 months

* Used to get pissed by that ship

* Still don’t like it though I make posts of them

* I like both the characters, but not as a couple

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