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Anonymous asked:

im not gonna go stalk that guy on facebook so im gonna rant to you about how that guy makes me mad . okay first off, no one cares if you give a fuck abt their status bc it wasn't written to fucking please you. second its facebook and anyone can post whatever the hell they want and they don't need your approval. maybe they wanna post it bc they've had a good day or maybe just because they feel like it. what's the point in telling someone that whatever theyre doing isnt worth sharing with others

Yeah I know what you mean, some people become assholes the exact second you post anything they disagree with and they feel the need to comment about it

Most of the time in my case, when I look through my news feed there are always a couple of statuses where there’s a fight going on between people cause either someone corrected their spelling or because the status was about something “useless” or “stupid”.

I woke up at 3am this morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep but I stay in bed with my door closed cause it’s fucking 3am. My dad gets up and goes into the living room doing nothing but listen to classical music ( it’s his routine).

At around 5 am, I’m still awake and tired, so I decide to write a story on my phone, when I realise I hear sounds from the living room.

Well guess what my dad was watching a tutorial about how to be better at sex with high volume at 5am while I was in my room writing gay sex fanfiction. He didn’t even know I was awake and we weren’t in the same room but this still felt really awkward.

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